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I am Deyana, a Professional Artist and Graduated Textile designer who loves traveling, exploring and getting inspiration from nature and its richness in colors, shapes and details, it’s a boundless source of creativity and every time I manage to capture a single flash of it, it makes me feel alive. All paintings you see here are Original Artworks done in different media Acrylics, Oils, Textile Dyes or Mixed media pieces. I love creating and experimenting with different materials, textures and techniques and I use them in my Handmade clothes, Unique bags, cards, gifts and home decor items. I knit and use a sewing machine and excessive amounts of fabrics, threads, yarn, felt, leather and very often buttons, beads and lace. All items on my website are original and 100 % handmade by me in my Studio, without using any helpers. The Artworks and Handmade items available for sale are listed in my Art Shop. All other artworks, projects and designs that have been sold or commissioned are on my Portfolio page. I don’t make duplicates of my works but you can always commission something similar if the item you like has been sold or if you want to have something specially created for you.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website and I will be really glad if you decide to give a new home to some of my works!

Thank you for your time!
Deyana Deco


Deyana Deco Poppies-I

    I work with Acrylics, Oils and Textile dyes for my Batiks and hand painted textile, sometimes I combine several mediums in one Mixed Media art work. My paintings are original art works which I don’t replicate. If you like the style of some sold work I can create a new piece for you in this style, but it won’t be a replica of the original. My Portfolio features my sold art works and the story behind them, in my Shop you can find art available for sale if you like having one of my pieces.


    I create and make my own hand knit and crochet designs. I select and handcraft the yarn I use and sometimes hand-dye it to achieve the desired colour for my projects. My jumpers, cardigans, scarves and other hand knit items are one of a kind, it takes lots of time to create each one of them but I’m proud I can offer something unique and made with my two hands. Have a look at my Shop if there is something that you want to add to your wardrobe or contact me if you want me to hand knit something especially for you.


    I studied Textile design and except Art, Fashion design is my other passion, I make my designer’s clothes from the pattern to finished product. Fabrics are carefully selected to suit each model. Some of my clothes are hand painted, other combine machine and hand embroidery, knit or crochet details, beading decorations and this makes every piece a unique handmade artwork, created with lots of love and care in my studio. My clothes are designed in small collections, one piece of a kind. If you don’t find your favourite item in my Shop please check my portfolio where you can see some the sold pieces and get in touch if you are interested in having something special.


    Like every woman I love bags but I like designing my own One of a kind handmade bags. Each bag starts with the idea in my sketchbook, then goes through pattern creation and selection of the materials that will be used, lots of sewing, ironing and handwork before each bag is ready to be presented in my shop. For my Handmade bags I try to use Eco friendly materials as much as possible – linen, cotton, canvas, wool, wooden beads, artificial leather, sometimes I’d incorporate recycled materials or will add vintage jewellery items to my bag designs because it’s nice when you can breath new life into an old piece.


    I use special textile or silk dyes and outliners to create unique hand painted Artworks and Textile. Some of my Textile works are in Batik technique. Paintings created on silk distinguish with bright colours and delicate structure but framed last as long as other paintings and make beautiful home decoration. Some of the hand-painted textiles I put in my other projects – bags, clothes, home-decor items for beautiful finishing touches. Except one of the ready items you can also order a piece of hand painted textile to use in your own creations.


    Every occasion needs a card or a gift and what better than a handcrafted one? My cards are two types – prints taken from my original paintings and card designs from handcrafted collages that can be personalized too if you like. I also create small handmade gifts like scarves, gift and aromatherapy bags, socks, hats that make wonderful presents. If you don’t find the card or gift design in my Art shop get in touch and write more about your idea, we can create something special together.


    My home decor designs combine my painting skills, ability to embroider, knit and sew which I use to create handmade cushion and pillow covers, decorative bed covers, duvet covers, textile wall hangings and wall tapestries. They can be custom made to match your home design and colours and will add some beautiful art touch to your home. Send me your idea about the piece you need and we can discuss what I can create for you. You can also find some of my original artworks printed on home decor items in some of the print shops where I present my art.

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