My Birthday cake

I’m sharing my Birthday cake with all Friends 🙂 Enjoy!
It’s a Chocolate cake with cream made of Mascarpone, raspberry jam and dark chocolate, covered with Ganache and decorated with Belgian truffles.
I usually make a home-made cake for my Birthday, this year is no exception just the cake is double-sized. Took two days to bake and assemble the cake but everybody loved it so it’s totally worth the time spent. For the base I used this recipe: Vegan chocolate cake recipe but I baked two cakes, sliced few layers and decorated with cream made of Mascarpone cheese, melted dark chocolate and home-made raspberry jam.
This combined with the dark rich cake base and the ganache made an amazing cake 🙂 Belgian truffles for final touches. In the album I’m sharing few photos of the cake making process, this time duly photographed 🙂

Thank you all for the wonderful wishes you sent and keep sending me on all social networks 🙂 I’m really moved! Hope your Friday the 13th is a good one just like my B-day and sorry the cake is just virtual but it’s shared from heart!