Daily Talk and Goals

Deyana Deco Artworks

Sunday Task – Studio Reorganizing

One of the Sunday’s tasks – reorganizing some art in my studio found some students works I’ve completely forgotten about. I’ve kept just a small part but still there is a full file of them from 5 very productive years. Read more

Vanilla Cake Featured

Sunday Vanilla Cake

Cake anyone? My home made Vanilla cake made yesterday because Sunday afternoons are prefect for coffee and something sweet It’s a vegan version made with soy milk (but I like it just like that) the topping is of crushed walnuts, cocoa powder, icing sugar and a pinch of cinnamon, delicious! Read more

Elephant Bag by Deyana Deco

Handmade kids Bag and a matching Purse

Last few days I worked on a present for my niece’s Birthday. I wanted to make something special and handmade for her (she seems interested in painting and crafts now) so designed a bag and a matching purse. Both pieces are sewn of denim, the lining is cotton fabric with beautiful elephant print. Read more

Birthday cake featured

My Birthday cake

I’m sharing my Birthday cake with all Friends 🙂 Enjoy!
It’s a Chocolate cake with cream made of Mascarpone, raspberry jam and dark chocolate, covered with Ganache and decorated with Belgian truffles. Read more

Hand Knit Sleeveless Jumper with Embroidery

Hand Knit Sleeveless Jumper with Embroidery Details

Something from my hand knit collection for the coming spring this beautiful Jumper is made of hand-crafted fibre mix and features hand-embroidery details made of white cotton thread decorated with two nuances of pearl green beadings (seafoam green and peacock green). Read more

PINK DREAMS – Original oil painting

Oil painting inspired by dreams

It’s weekend again best time to do some house work, some shopping and the best time to relax, naps are highly recommended if accompanied with dreams even better My art work “Pink dreams” is inspired by the images created by our mind while we’re sleeping. Read more


The First Snowdrops this year

Off to shop some cake ingredients for B-day cake(s) It’ll be either one big cake or two small – we have two Birthdays to celebrate next week – mine and my husband’s so that requires lots of cake :)) I’m more inclined to one big cake of few layers with Raspberry jam or Ganache between them. Read more

Physalis featured

Physalis – Exploring new tastes

Never tried one of these before and you know curiosity must be fed I’ve seen them in few culinary shows used as decoration so had to find out how they taste and Hmm.. actually strange, they have a texture and look quite similar to tomato and taste something between strawberry and grape to me, a bit confusing when you try them for a first time.
Physalis or Ground cherries as they’re known in Europe aren’t very often seen on European markets but I had the chance to satisfy my curiosity. Read more

Last Day of 2014 Featured

Last Day of 2014

Last Day of 2014! Only several hours to say Good Bye to this year and to welcome the New one, recharged with new hopes and expectations 🙂
… also time to open my Good things Jar and see what I’ve marked as good things that happened to me. There was a wonderful post with this idea I saw in the end of last year (can’t remember the author) and I decided to try it and bought my jar. I had to write down all: Surprise gifts, Accomplished goals, LOL moments, Memories worth saving, Days of Happiness and all the other Great stuff. As it looks my jar doesn’t contain many notes, I’m gonna read them tonight in the last hour of the year which for me personally was quite hard and harsh, disappointments and problems were more than the happy moments and people that let me down more than those that gave me a hand but … Read more


Few reasons I love February

There are few reasons I love February about and they make it my favorite month.
Firstly because January is the most boring month in the year – cold, dull, short days with no sunshine to make you smile. Most people still recover from the holidays and all expenses related to these holidays, many feel guilty they have spent more they can afford, other feel heavier with few more pounds and cannot get in most of the pieces from they wardrobe after the lavish holiday tables. So there is February coming and I like it at least 10 times more than January. Why? Maybe because I hate January, but also for these personal reasons of mine: Read more