Poppies I and II – Acrylic on canvas

“Poppies I”
Acrylic on box canvas
Size: 40/55 cm.

“Poppies II”
Acrylic on box canvas
Size: 55/75 cm.

A dear friend of mine from Spain asked me if I can make for her Poppies drawing as poppies are her favorite flowers. We were staying in this local bar in Castalla – a small town in Spain and there was a huge painting of Poppies on the wall close to the window. She couldn’t take her eyes off the Poppies drawing and asked me if I can paint something similar for their house in Spain.

The painting on the wall was quite big, picturing a whole bunch of beautiful Poppies, but the thing I didn’t like about this painting was the raw ultramarine background which didn’t go well with the scarlet red of the poppies and was somehow killing the brightness of the flowers. This blue background also didn’t match the greenery of the poppies stems and leaves.
So I decided that I’ll make my own version of Poppies drawing with different composition and background, and ended up with diptych of two paintings which were adored and bought by my friend.
Poppies I and Poppies II are my Poppies drawing versions which I created for their wonderful Spanish house (the picture below shows both paintings in their lounge).

Commissioned – Sold in Spain. If you would like to commission a painting similar to this one please contact me or get in touch on Google+.