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PINK DREAMS – Original oil painting

Oil painting inspired by dreams

It’s weekend again best time to do some house work, some shopping and the best time to relax, naps are highly recommended if accompanied with dreams even better My art work “Pink dreams” is inspired by the images created by our mind while we’re sleeping. Read more

INNER EQUILIBRIUM – Original painting oil on canvas-featured

Back to the daily routine

Hospital visit was kinda successful, no sign of the kidney stone so another lithotripsy wasn’t necessary (thanks God). Now I’m given few month pause to see if there is some progress with healing, if not doctors will have to search for another reason causing the kidney hydronephrosis. I’m hoping to use this time to find my balance and my Muse (wherever TF she’s gone) and to create some stuff, this several months travels and hospital visits have drained me mentally and financially so I need to find my “Inner Equilibrium“! Read more